How accurate is is LugLoc at airports and outside of airport areas?

The LugLoc device has been designed to help you find your lost luggage on Airports all around the world. LugLoc utilizes GSM technology for locating the device and thereby your luggage. This technology relies on triangulation of cellular signals from nearby towers. Depending on where the device is, the accuracy will shift. More urban areas, with higher density of cellular phone towers, will provide more accurate location information than more rural settings with fewer cellular phone towers. This technology allows us to accurately show you in which airport your airport luggage is and that is the reason why you always will see the suitcase surrounding an area and not a specific street.

Additionally, LugLoc is Bluetooth-enabled, which allows you to know when you are within 200 feet of your luggage. This is useful when you are boarding your flight in order to check if your luggage made it on the plane. Also, it helps locate your luggage when you are in the baggage claim area at your destination.

The reason we use GSM technology is because it's the most reliable in terms of global coverage. When your luggage is checked in at the airport, it is transferred through a labyrinth of conveyors inside the airport where GPS does not work as it requires unblocked line of sight to the open skies. Also, GSM technology utilizes much less battery power than GPS, allowing you to check your luggage location for 15 days or more with our powerful rechargeable battery.

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